Geology Information

Table of Elements
As Arsenic F Fluorine
Ag Silver Fe Iron
Au Gold Mo Molybdenum
Bi Bismuth Ni Nickel
Co Cobalt Pb Lead
Cr Chromium W Tungsten
Cu Copper Zn Zinc
acid volcanic Volcanic rock with high content of quartz.
aeromagnetic Magnetic survey by aircraft
alluvium Water-lain sediments
alteration Change in mineral composition of a rock, usually from weathering or hydrothermal solutions
andesite A fine grained igneous rock with intermediate silica content.
anomaly Usually soil or rock assay or geophysical result considered to be different from the norm.
anticline A fold, generally convex upwards
argillic Clay alteration products, smectite-dickite-quartz-pyrite.
auriferous Gold bearing.
AusIMM The Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.
basalt A fine grained dark basic igneous rock.
base metal A term generally confined to copper, lead and zinc.
basic An igneous rock with a low silica content.
BIF Banded ir
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